Proud owner and crafter of Wild Opal Natural Products. I grew up in the great pacific northwest. Learning to wild craft and appreciate my natural surroundings. I always had a garden, animals and my feet in the dirt. I began my journey hand crafting natural body care products while pregnant with twin boys. Becoming increasingly aware of all the toxins in products that people apply to their bodies daily I wanted options. I wanted to read and understand labels and have the most raw, natural, unrefined materials I could. It was difficult to find so I began to create my own. Purchasing mostly certified organic ingredients and harvesting fresh herbs and flowers from my personal garden and surrounding woods. I found as I created I fell in love with the beauty and functionality of natural Ingredients. I use natural clay and or charcoal in every bar of soap. I have developed a love for creating scents and all my "fragrances" are custom hand blended in house. I have many products suitable for men. Providing natural functionality and deep, dark, alluring scents. I offer a line of artisan designer soaps  that incorporate spa like qualities using clay, charcoal, sea salts and more. There is beautiful artistic design in  every bar. No two bars are the same! I offer many other natural products to do everything from cleanse, moisturize, soak in a relaxing tub or pamper a beautiful beard! Check it out!

Thank you for your interest, enjoy the journey and keep your feet in the dirt.