Proud owner and crafter of Wild Opal Natural Products. I grew up in the great pacific northwest. I love the outdoors, beer, and making and building things of all sorts.

Growing up I always had a garden, animals and my feet in the dirt. You could say I was the Tomboy..stealing my brother's GI Joe's n all. 

Throughout high school I was the girl that was wearing old spice deodorant and secretly adoring the men's cologne section while always struggling to find a scent that felt like my own. (we'll go into this more in a minute)

Fast forward to pregnancy with twins = impossible to find clean, pure, natural body products that don't smell like baby powder, give me a headache or actually function well. Let alone all these things in one product!  So began my journey of  creating my own.

   I love researching subjects that I'm passionate about, so I dove into learning of natural ingredients. It was amazing! Salts, clays, herbs, oils and butters. OH MY!

I began creating a range of products for personal use and testing them on friends and family. After a year and no major complaints, I continued to pursue the passion as a business. So started Wild Opal Natural Products the day of winter solstice 2017.

My products use a wide range of organic, food grade and exotic oils, butters, herbs, salts, clays...you name it! All of my products are palm free and I always do my best to keep packaging to a minimum. I use recyclable, reusable or biodegradable...because we all should! And I'm all about preserving this amazing place we call home. 

I believe what sets my products aside from so many others is a combination of things: firstly I don't skimp on the lovely additions to keep my cost down. I load it up! You'll find on many ingredient labels a basic soap recipe usually consisting of 3 oils or so and maybe a few essential oils for scent. Check out my ingredient list and it will truly wow you!...I love all these ingredients for myself and I'm all about sharing that goodness with all my peeps.

   Secondly is the scent. This was one of the most challenging things to learn. There was a lot of trial, error, redo and just get rid of that all together. But over time I have learned the science to the make up and design of scent that allows it to flow smoothly to the senses. Not that I can convert all patchouli haters, but I have a pretty good track record going! I have a variety of scents that I feel are finally mine. The fact that I love darker, rich, unique scents is something I get to pass on to my customers and it seems to be something we all have in common. 

So whether you are that girl that adores musk with your vanilla, or patchouli or maybe you like the "fresh" scent that doesn't give you a headache. Or maybe you're that guy that really appreciates the masculine, long lasting bar with amazing lather...I got your back! And a variety of products to suit all skin types and keep it natural and smelling amazing! 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find that unique product you love! Enjoy the journey and keep your feet in the dirt.